Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 2015 - Hummingbirds are everywhere

July 3 at Oakboro

I enjoy sitting out waiting on these little beauties. 

Cline's Antiques

Priddy's General Store

The only ones left - Shell station - Winston Salem

There had been a butterfly on top of this zinnia. Cleo ever so gently put her paw on the flower and bent it down.

Little hummers

June 2015

Murray's Mill in Catawba

This is Molly - our neighbor's sweet dog

Beautiful little gem

This is one of the best dogs ever! She is about 12 years old

May 2015 - celebration month

The wild salvia that are in my flower bed.

I found out this year that hummingbirds like Baptisia.

Love the little birds

New red hot poker (pineapple popsicle)

Class field trip to Spencer Train Museum

April 2015

We went to Charleston SC, it is such a beautiful city. This photo was taken in Magnolia Plantation

Edisto Beach

Closes to Edisto Beach

Class trip to Oakboro Cruise-in

Easter Sunday around Albemarle - there are a few churches that will put flowers on a cross. I think it is just beautiful

Another class trip to Jackson Training School

March 2015 The Earth Awakens

Since there aren't any hummingbirds yet, I am trying to photograph some other birds. I also wanted to get a shot of Molly's other brother- Claude.
I am ready for spring!!

This is a barn that is in Stanly county. Such pretty barn art. I believe the barn art is by Tracey Wyrick.

Duke Chapel

Albemarle Opera House