Monday, September 29, 2014

September 2014 He Restores my Soul

I have still been watching hummingbirds. I have enjoyed them so much this year. Sitting outside talking to God, praying and watching the magic of the hummers. My kind of day.

There was this beautiful rainbow while I was at home. I thought about riding over town to see it but figured it would be gone before I got there. But it stayed and stayed so I jumped in the truck and rode over town. I slowed down and got this shot. I really like it, even though it could be better. 

 I have wanted a photo of a hummer and fuchsia for a while so I got some. Yay!

 Austin and I went to a meetup with the Charlotte Photography group. We met in Albemarle and walked around. Love these aprons in Glory Beans. Met some really nice people too.

 September 21, 2014 WABC 111th anniversary- they did a great job with the set.

 Bootsy loves to climb in my watering can and since she is so grumpy, I dare not try to get her out. lol

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August 2014 -Open your heart to the sky

I have sat outside watching for hummingbirds more than I ever have. I enjoy it so much. It is good for my soul to be out there. These are some of my favorite shots of August.

A house in Mocksville that I think looks cool