Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 2014- Celebrate Good Times

We have so much to celebrate in May. My birthday, graduation, Mother's Day, Shana's birthday,  Dan's birthday, and my mother-in-law's birthday.  It's a celebration!

Finally on May 26th, the hummingbirds started coming back around. I am so glad.

Oakboro Cruise-in - we went a little later than we usually do and I am glad. The clouds looked nice so it made a nice background.

Well I finally got to go to Lazy 5 ranch, wow, I loved it. Of course the peacocks were my favorite and I have wanted to take a photo of one with his feathers spread forever. And the baby Giraffe was adorable.

I am probably the only person that takes photos of other things while at Lazy 5 - lol

The old Gladstone Academy, I think they are considering turning it into a music hall

For my birthday we went to Tiger World so I could see the peacocks. I also got to see this beautiful Owl

 I thought the sky looked nice while on my way home from Concord.

 Rode around a little and saw this nice barn and pond. Looks perfect.

This pot of flowers are starting to grow- yay!

I love wildflower fields, the red one I took May 3. The yellow one was taken at the end of April